It is 2017 are you ready for the Project Scorpio beast?

Microsoft has begun the first day of 2017 by asking Xbox fans if they’re “ready for the beast?” which indicates their upcoming 4K-ready Project Scorpio console.

Project Scorpio has been described in various tags by multiple developer teams, with devs calling it a “monster” and Microsoft affirming it’ll deliver “the best resolution, best frame rates, no compromises,” but now the company has tossed around another term by calling the next-gen Xbox a “beast.”

Xbox head of games marketing, Aaron Greenberg Tweeted an interesting post that tells us two things: the company is extremely confident in Project Scorpio, and it will meet its Holiday 2017 release. Greenberg has recently been quite vocal about the console, saying that it will “usher in a new era of 4K gaming.”

“Here we are, three years into the generation, and we also have gamers saying, ‘Hey, I want the most power, I want the best experience possible,’ and that’s what Project Scorpio is all about,” Microsoft’s Senior Global Product Marketing Director Aaron Greenberg told IGN in a recent interview.  

“[Project Scorpio] will be the most powerful console ever made. It will deliver 4K gaming to people in the living room on their TVs that they have not experienced before,” Greenberg affirmed.

“So today, a lot of people who are spending thousands of dollars on high-end PCs are able to experience 4K gaming, sure, but to be able to bring that at scale to the living room, to the console market, is what Scorpio is all about.”