2K Games has announced Civilization VI Australia

2K Games has announced new Australia to Civilization VI with plans to introduce Steam Workshop support and several balance changes. All of this will comes in Civilization VI’s “Australian Summer” update, which is “coming soon” for the game.

In Civilization VI, Australia will be led by John Curtin, the countries 14th Prime Minister and leader of the country through the second world war. In the game, you will build Australian coastal cities and react on world war, with the Civ gaining additional housing on coastal cities and receiving a 100% production increase after an opponent declares war on them for 10 turns. Also, Australia will receive a 20-turn 100% production increase after they liberate a city, making Australia an ideal ally and a great defensive Civilization.

Australia’s unique unit is the “digger,” an infantry unit replacement that has a boost in combat power when adjacent to water that is outside of their own territory. This new Civ will also get a unique tile improvement called the “outback station,” which provides both food and production and can improve yields in adjacent pastures.

SOURCESid Meier's Civilization