AMD Offering 4 GB Variant of the Radeon R9 390

Now there are some pressure on NVIDIA’s GeForce GTX 970 and the product-stack below it, AMD is going to get its add-in board (AIB) graphics card partners to launch under low budget variants of the Radeon R9 390 and it’s will comes up with 4 GBDR5 memory, instead of the 8 GBDR5 that was standard to the SKU. These cards has some great features with 4GB memory across the chip’s 512bit wide GDDR5 memory interface & it could help AMD and its partners shave a few dozen Dollars cut on the standard version, which one is now available on market at price $309.


AMD 390 (1) AMD 390 (2) AMD 390 (3) AMD 390 (4) AMD 390 (5)


The R9 390 would be like a completely re-brand of the R9 290, if not for its clock speeds. The custom design variants of the 4GBDR5 R9 390 ship with clock speeds that are just 10%  higher than those of the R9 290 & the performance was found to be proportionately higher, by Expreview. Of the three cards spotted crawling their way out of product launch pipes in China, the ones from XFX and PowerColor retain the design and packaging of their 8 GB siblings; while Sapphire mated the chip with a new dual-fan cooler with a meaty, split aluminium fin-stack heatsink.