Activision officially announces Call of Duty: WWII

The next Call of Duty is going back to its original roots to World War II. As we know Activation push to more and more towards modern warfare didn’t please many Call of Duty fans and the franchise got a significant seals drop last year. The “Infinite Warfare had a ton of great gameplay innovations,” Activision CEO Eric Hirshberg said during an earnings call in February. “But it also had a setting that didn’t appeal to all of our fans.” So they are going back in time to rediscover the classic Call of Duty game style.

The new game set during the second world war, the same setting as the first three games in the series. Call of Duty: WWII is being developed by Sledgehammer Games, the Call of Duty-focused studio behind 2011’s Modern Warfare 3 and 2014’s Advanced Warfare.

As of now, there isn’t much detail about this new Call of Duty game. Aside from the name and developer, Activision hasn’t revealed anything about the game. The game will be officially unveiled in a livestream on April 26th at 1 PM ET / 10 AM PT.