Alphacool Intros Eisdecken Top for D5 and DDC Pumps


Alphacool proudly presents the new family members “Eisdecken”: A new top for the D5 and one for the DCC pump. Additionally, comes a new reservoir which suits well with either of the new two TOP’s. The diamond cut further improves the design in any system the combination is used in. The compact measurements enable great compatibility even with smaller computer cases. The overall height including the mounted reservoir (which can easily be mounted on each of the TOP’s) is 13.3 cm for the D5 and 12.1 cm for the DCC. If you’d choose to go for an alternative reservoir you can even get the height down to 8,6cm for the D5 and 7.5 cm for the DCC.

Eisdecken Top

Both of these TOP’s have their feet on solid ground with easy-to-mount screwable feet. You can furthermore decide which edition you’d love to go for: We have them in either Acetal or as Plexi – the choice is yours. And to top that you can even add up to four LED’s to the Plexi edition to even further increase the illumination of this masterpiece.



Eisdecke TOP DDC Version Acetal/Plexi Version

dimensions: 80 x 80 x 23mm

Thread: 5 x 1/4″

material: Acetal or Plexi

Eisdecke TOP D5 Variante Acetal/Plexi Version

dimensions: 80 x 80 x 40mm

Thread: 5 x 1/4″

material: Acetal or Plexi

accessories for both versions

2x stands

3x locking srews 1/4″

screws for mounting

Eisdecke reservoir

dimensions: 80 x 80 x 45mm

capacity: max. 123ml

Thread: 1x 1/4″

Material: Plexi


1x Bubble Down

screws for mounting