Alphacool Presents the “Eislicht,” a Revolution in Illumination

Alphacool presents the next step in modding and style. With the “Eislicht” , Alphacool is introducing a brand new technology into the field of case illumination.
Installing lighting into PCs started many years ago with cathode tubes. They had a pleasant, even glow, but were rather chunky and difficult to integrate into a system. Their lifespan was also a lot shorter than today’s LEDs.

The latter are state of the art today, and the world of modding can hardly be imagined without them. They’re easy to install, don’t use a lot of power, give off very little heat, and their lifespan is very long. However, their illumination is rather piecemeal and often looks awkward due to the many individual LEDs.

The Alphacool Eislicht lights combine the best of both worlds. To do this, Alphacool used a proven technique based on the backlighting for monitors and TVs. This makes Alphacool the first manufacturer in the world to use this technology for PC lighting.
The Alphacool Eislicht lights offer a uniform, consistent illumination and can be mounted or repositioned anywhere thanks to their magnetic screws. A double-sided adhesive strip is also included so that the Eislicht can also be mounted on plastic or aluminium.

The lights are powered through a 3-pin cable, as found on most fans. With the Alphacool Eislicht, Alphacool is starting the first generation of a new illumination method.