AMD A12-9800 “Bristol Ridge” AM4 APU and ASUS A320M-C Benchmark

German PC enthusiast “Crashtest” manages to get his hands on a sweet combo of an AMD A12-9800 “Bristol Ridge” socket AM4 APU with an ASUS A320M-C entry-level micro-ATX motherboard. He put the new platform through its paces using AIDA64 test-suite. He runs the board with 8 GB of dual-channel DDR4-2133 memory. According to the test, the K15.6 integrated memory controller not producing the kind of memory bandwidth as the Core i7-6700K with dual-channel DDR4-2133 memory from AIDA64’s internal reference bench table.

For the CPU-related tests, the new AM4 APU has about the same performance as its predecessors, such as the A10-7850K. The chip features two “Excavator” x86-64 CPU modules, packing up four cores clocked at 4.20 GHz. There are performance upticks seen in tests such as Hash and VP8, where the chip likely benefits from new instruction sets.