AMD Announces Radeon Pro Duo with Radeon VR-Ready Premium badge program

Today, AMD is holding its “Capsaicin” webcast in which is all about latest initiatives in the graphics and virtual reality (VR).

You can catch the livestream of AMD’s Capsaicin event course right here…


AMD will explain that its Radeon VR-Ready Premium badge program will be “making it easy for the consumer to choose the right platform for a perfectly seamless VR experience with VR Ready Premium”.

Radeon Pro Duo 2

“AMD and Crytek hope to provide immersive VR experiences in the fields of medicine, entertainment, journalism and of course gaming. “We need a new generation of developers whose educational foundation includes mastery of game engines and GPU programming,” Raja Koduri, SVP and Chief Architect of the Radeon Technologies Group. “We’re dedicated to nurturing that future, and see the collaboration with Crytek and the VR First initiative as a key step in realizing the goal of expanding immersive experiences outlined in our VR Ready Programs.”

Radeon Pro Duo 1

“VR experiences, harnessing the power of the CRYENGINE and developed using world-class Radeon hardware and software, will have the potential to fundamentally transform how we interact with technology,” added Crytek CEO Cevat Yerli.

Radeon Pro Duo

We can finally able to see the Radeon Pro Duo, which AMD teasing us for so many months now. The card promised to have 16 TFLOPs of performance. We can see the card in Maingear showcase system.