AMD Announces Radeon Vega GPU Architecture

AMD has announced its Vega architecture, the name of Vega is the come from α Lyr, a star located some 25 light years from our Sun the scientific community has regarded as being the “second most important star in the sky after the Sun.” Over the centuries, data from observing this star has been used to make significant discoveries in the field of astrophysics. It also earned its place among several cultures and mythologies. AMD named its next-generation graphics processor architecture after it which promises much higher performance and efficiency over the previous generation AMD GPUs.

The Vega comprises the 5th generation Graphics CoreNext architecture with entirely new GPU design. The GPU still uses GCN compute units, but feature several new improvements and better efficiency in both per clock and per watt. It also comes with HBM2 with 2X bandwidth per pin. All of which translate into better compute performance. The Vega also feature something really new a High-Bandwidth Cache and High-Bandwidth Cache Controller which allow GPU to use system ram or SSD storage to hold added render data making you video memory space up to 512TB virtual address space. Other additions include a New Programmable Geometry Pipeline, Primitive Shaders, Improved Load Balancing, Next-Generation Compute Engine, Next Generation Pixel Engine, Draw Stream Binning Rasterizer.