AMD Announces “Raise the Game” Bundle: with 3 Unreleased Games

AMD announced the “Raise the Game” bundle, which includes three AAA games with its Radeon RX Vega 64, RX Vega 56, RX 580, and RX 570 graphics cards (you get all three games when you purchase any of those graphics cards). Assassin’s Creed Odyssey is the biggest one among three, as the latest addition to the Assassin’s Creed franchise adds a straight $59.99 value which will add to your graphics card purchase. You also get “Strange Brigade,” a $39.99 upcoming co-op adventure shooter set in a Tomb Raider-esque setting. Lastly, there’s Star Control: Origins, the upcoming space RTS from Stardock. All of the games combine add tremendous value to your graphics card, especially for a cheaper RX 570. Flow games will come out in next few months, Assassin’s Creed Origins releases this October, while Strange Brigade lands late-August, and Star Control: Origins this September. The bundle is limited to participating retailers, and applied to graphics cards sold between August 7, 2018, and ends November 3, 2018 (or until stocks last). You get a master coupon that must be redeemed on the AMD website before 31st December, which puts out the UPlay and Steam keys for the games.

AMD Announces "Raise the Game" Bundle: with 3 Unreleased Games

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