AMD confirms Vega GPUs will launch in 2017

In a recent AMD presentation to investors briefing AMD stated Vega GPUs would launch in the first half of 2017, which also means that we will not see any new GPUs in 2016.

AMD confirms Vega GPUs will launch in 2017

Although AMD lack of any new high-end GPU releases, AMD has been successful in regaining some market share in recent months, thanks to increased sales in the low-end market. Recent growth also contributed by the release of the AMD RX 400 series of GPUs, still at this time AMD has no competitors for Nvidia’s high-end GTX 10 series.

AMD confirms Vega GPUs will launch in 2017 1

Vega will be a new enthusiast-grade product for AMD, aimed a high resolution/framerate gaming and offered premium VR performance, hopefully, give some competition to Nvidia’s high-end GPUs.

AMD didn’t talk about any specification for its high-end Vega lineup of GPUs, but we do know that their highest end products will use HBM2 memory.

All-in-all AMD plans on introducing a lot of new products over the next year, with new Zen CPUs and Vega GPUs with hopes to regain market share in both the consumer CPU and GPU market as well as in the server/enterprise markets.