AMD Counters GameWorks by GPUOpen

AMD has no interest to let the Nvidia run away by the PC graphics marketing, with it’s GameWorks SDK that speeds up PC graphical development (in turn increasing NVIDIA’s influence over the game development, in a predominantly AMD GCN driven client base (20% PC graphics market-share, and 100% game console market share). AMD’s counter to GameWorks is GPUOpen, with the “open” meaning by “open-source”.
The GPUOpen is referring to a vast set of pre-developed visual effects, libraries, tools, SDKs & designed to give the developers “unprecedented control” over the GPU, supporting them to get their software closer to the metal than another software can. The plan is an Nvidia GameWorks designed title will not get you as “close” to the meal on machines such as the PlayStation 4 & Xbox One, or PCs with Radeon GPU, as GPUOpen. Getting “close to the metal” is planed as directly leveraging features exposed by the GPU, with as some programs layers between the application and the hardware as possible.




AMD plans to add this GPUOpen resources on GitHub at early January 2016, with their own portal. This will help to developers to access to open-source content (stuff that they can implement in their own projects with as little legal voodoo as possible, blog-posts.)