AMD Discrete GPU Market Share Has Downstream to Only 18%

AMD Discrete GPU market share has downstream to only 18%, where Nvidia is holding 80% of the market.

AMD Discrete GPU Market Share Has Downstream to Only 18%

Before 2014 AMD and Nvidia were on fairly all the more notwithstanding balance, with Nvidia holding between 60-65% of the market share and AMD holding as much as 38% of the discrete GPU market. After Q2 of 2014 things started to change for the more terrible for AMD, with their piece of the overall market share continuously diminishing each quarter as of not long ago with AMD now owning a pitiful 18% of the GPU sector.

What this means that now every 4 out of 5 new card sold is an Nvidia cards, which makes things look very bad for AMD and also for the consumer, because that means no competitions, which bad thing, so we don’t get new product quickly or no price competitions.

AMD has hopes of gain its market share with their R9 Fury series and with future DirectX 12 and Vulcan games coming AMD R9 Fury’s will have nice boost as they are design for DirectX 12.

To give Nvidia a competitions, AMD will have to work very hard and solve their supply issue. Right now AMD’s current GPU line offerings are very competitive performance against Nvidia. The R9 390X give almost same performance as Nvidia’s much more expensive GTX 980, also AMD R9 390X have double VRAM compared to GTX 980.