AMD FreeSync may be coming to TVs and Consoles in the Future

Regarding variable refresh rate technologies, FreeSync/VESA Adaptive Sync does offer a lot of advantages, like the ability to be integrated into monitors free of charge without royalty fees or proprietary hardware and capacity to function using both HDMI and DisplayPort.


Considering these capabilities, FreeSync has the potential to integrate into a much wider range of products than just Gaming Monitors and AMD-powered gaming PCs. The FreeSync support in the console could be a very attractive possibility, as it will allow developers to choose Framerate limits outside of the standard 30Hz or 60Hz limits.

In a recent interview with TomsHardware the head of AMD’s Radeon Technologies Group, Raja Koduri, was asked about the possibility of FreeSync coming to TVs in the future. Raja stated that “We  [AMD] are definitely working with the entire display community on getting FreeSync to more places. I think this is something we should follow up…on what we can share at this point on FreeSync TVs”.

FreeSync on televisions would not only give Console gamers a better experience when using a living room-based gaming but also PC gamers use a TV as monitors, also allow console developers to be a little more flexible with their framerate targets, improving the console gameplay experience.

With FreeSync already working on HDMI and all console makers using AMD hardware, it may just need a firmware update, which could enable FreeSync on the PS4 and Xbox One.