AMD FX 6330 Black Edition 3.6/4.2 CPU has launched in APAC Region

AMD has launched their FX-6330 processor for customers in Asia-Pacific region. It’s based on the 32nm Piledriver architecture & aimed at medium budgets builders intent on sticking with AM3+ & bridges the gap between the last FX-6000 series CPU in 2012 but the bad news is the upcoming the Zen series processors will be arrives to late 2016.

AMD 6330

The technical differences between the 6330 & it’s brethren are the 3.6 base & 4.2 boost clock and the silent S3.0 cooler by said to the offer 24% surface area & 34% higher air volume, and steady 39dB noise output, Or they are identical or nearly so.


AMD 6330 (1)


The retail price of AMD FX-6330 is $109.99 (APAC region).