AMD and GameSessions are Giveaway a free copy of Ryse: Son of Rome

Thanks to AMD Ryse: Son of Rome will be available to buy for free on a service called GameSession for the next 30 days. Though gamers are required to merely download and play the game for 5 minutes to redeem their free copy. This process will ensure that no free copies distribution to people who will not use them.

This GameSessions “Giveaways” service was sponsored by AMD, making Ryse a very appropriate title given the release of their new Ryzen series CPUs.

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We will provide a succession of great games via GameSessions Giveaways completely free to everyone. The games provided can be even better thanks to the support of our brand partners who help us acquire the best possible content. In return, the sponsor will get the chance to show a brief pre-roll video and infrequent in-game overlays to highlight what they can offer gamers. So, we get to show users GameSessions, the brand-partner gets to show what they can do for gamers, and gamers get great games completely free.

Checkout GameSessions to download and access a free copy of Ryse: Son of Rome.