AMD gives an end to multi-socket issues by their AMD Zen-based AMD4 socket

AMD shows off their new Wraith cooler at CES 2016, but they had some more surprising news: that their upcoming socket AM4 platform will have a single socket. OMG! It will be just a single socket.




It means that there will be only one socket to choose from the Zen-based CPUs and APUs & bringing their platform into unison. Currently, Intel & AMD sockets are fragmented, but everything will into one path with AM4, which is just awesome and it’s not just for consumers but it will help the system builders too.

As for Zen, AMD is promising 40% more instructions per clock than the current Excavator cores, by utilizing simultaneous multi-threading (SMT) architecture, that is similar to the way Intel does things with its Core series, compared to the cluster-based multi-threading (CMT) approach.