AMD “Greenland” Vega10 may Features 4096 Stream Processors

AMD already showed off its new projected GPU architecture roadmap. The first Polaris GPUs yet to come. But, the LinkedIn profile of an R&D manager at AMD discloses key details of the company’s upcoming “Greenland” graphics processor, which is also codenamed Vega10. Slated for an early-2017 launch, according to AMD’s GPU architecture roadmap, “Greenland” will be built on AMD’s “Vega” GPU architecture, which succeeds even the “Polaris” architecture, which is schedule for later this year.Greenland Vega 10


In the LinkedIn profile of Yu Zheng, an R&D manager at AMD (now redacted), screencaptured by, reveals the “shader processor” (stream processor) count of Vega10 to be 4,096. This may look identical to the SP count of “Fiji,” but do remember “Greenland” is two generations ahead of Graphics CoreNext tech, which “Fiji” had, and that the roadmap already clear having HBM2 memory, which is faster. Also take into account AMD’s claims of a 2.5X leap in performance-per-Watt over the current architecture with Polaris, so Vega should be even faster.


As for Polaris GPUs, AMD first chips based on the “Polaris” architecture, a performance-segment chip codenamed “Ellesmere” or Polaris10, and a mid-range chip codenamed “Baffin” or Polaris11. “Ellesmere” is rumored to feature 36 GCN 4.0 compute units, which works out to 2,304 stream processors; and a 256-bit wide GDDR5 (or GDDR5X) memory interface, with 8 GB standard memory amount. The specs of “Baffin” aren’t as clear. The only specification rumored is its 128-bit wide GDDR5 memory bus. The Polaris based products could launch in Q3, 2016.