AMD New APU A8-7670K With 10 Compute Cores

After launching ’Kaveri’ refresh few month ago, today AMD launched another refresh A8-7670K. It will feature 10 compute cores with 4 CPU cores and 6 GPU cores.


The new A8-7670K has boosts in both CPU at 300MHz base & 100Mhz turbo clock speed and GPU only 37Mhz clock speed compared to A8-7650K.

46512_05_amd-launches-a8-7670k-apu-4-cpu-cores-6-gpu_full 46512_04_amd-launches-a8-7670k-apu-4-cpu-cores-6-gpu_full 46512_03_amd-launches-a8-7670k-apu-4-cpu-cores-6-gpu_full

According to AMD A8-7670K will increased CPU and GPU performance, especially with those programs which utilizes combined CPU and integrated GPU workloads. Compared to Intel Core i3 and Pentium G3258 it’s outperform both.

The new A8-7670K will ideal for an everyday family pc or entry level gaming pc, as under $100 discrete graphics card is not powerful enough to compete with integrated graphics. Many online games like League of Legends, DOTA 2 CS: GO, and Team Fortress 2 which can be played better with more powerful integrated graphics then a $100 graphics card.

46512_07_amd-launches-a8-7670k-apu-4-cpu-cores-6-gpu_full 46512_06_amd-launches-a8-7670k-apu-4-cpu-cores-6-gpu_full

AMD optimize well with Windows 10 and DX12, and their 7670K and 7870K are ready for the new OS and API. With AMD’s MGPU rendering, which Microsoft also calls “multi-adapter”, It will make it work for the integrated GPU and discrete GPU to work together simultaneously on different parts of each frame for more FPS.

46512_08_amd-launches-a8-7670k-apu-4-cpu-cores-6-gpu_full 46512_09_amd-launches-a8-7670k-apu-4-cpu-cores-6-gpu_full


The 7670K price at $117.99 and AMD 68H motherboards starting at only $52. Also AMD 7670K is fully unlocked that meaning you can Overclock of both the CPU and integrated GPU through their AMD Overdrive application and get even more performance.