AMD Polaris 10 “Ellesmere” as Fast as GTX 980 Ti but half the price

AMD reportedly hosted an event designed to showcase its upcoming Polaris GPUs and the Radeon Pro Duo to journalists behind closed doors in Taiwan recently, there AMD talked extensively about its upcoming “Polaris” and “Vega” family of GPUs. The company preparing two SKUs plans to launch this June, Polaris 10 and Polaris 11. Polaris 10 is the successor of 300-serise and taking place as Radeon R9 490(X), the GPU based on the 14 nm “Ellesmere” silicon. It may be the biggest chip AMD builds on the “Polaris” architecture, but it doesn’t succeed “Fiji.” That honor going to be “Vega,” which debuts in early-2017.

AMD Polaris 10 Ellesmere

Meanwhile The “Ellesmere” silicon is performing extremely close to the GeForce GTX 980 Ti, but for a half of price, at a USD $300-ish price point. “Ellesmere” will be featuring up to 2,560 4th generation GCN stream processors (2,304 enabled on Polaris 10), with possibly a 256-bit GDDR5X memory interface, and a sub-200W TDP.