AMD Pro A12 “Carrizo” Mobile Chip Offers TDP as Low as 12W

AMD’s “Excavator” module could big push for the company, as the top of the line Pro A12 “Carrizo” APU for mobile platforms. The Pro A12 APU can operate TDP as low as 12W for normal usage, going up to 35W as maximum stress. Also AMD allows users to set the TDP for their processors, which big thing for manufacture. AMD Pro A12 APU built on the existing 28 nm process which offer TDPs as low as Intel, built on 22 nm and even 14 nm nodes.

AMD Pro A12 "Carrizo" Mobile Chip Offers TDP as Low as 12W

This is made possible because AMD spent a lot of R&D to remove all redundant or useless components from the silicon and “Excavator” features more compacted decode engines. AMD recently launched 6th generation A-Series Pro Carrizo APUs feature two “Excavator” modules with four CPU cores and a GPU with eight GCN 1.2 compute units and 512 stream processors, 2 MB of total cache, dual-channel DDR3-2133 integrated memory controllers and up to 3.4GHz max speed.