AMD rumored to be shipping Vega silicon to their AIB partners later this week

According to rumors, AMD is all set to shipping its Vega silicon to AIB partners later this week, allowing partners to create their own Vega powered GPUs for a release sometime in August.

The rumors also suggest that there will be two Vega variants at launch, though the exact configurations of both of these GPUs are unknown. AMD already announced two Vega variants which will make their way into the Apple iMac Pro later this year, a version with 56CUs and a version with Vega’s full 64 CUs, giving each GPU 3584 stream processors and 4096 stream processors respectively.

Right now AMD states that Vega will release at SIGGRAPH 2017, which will be taking place between July 30th and August 3rd. Though, it’s still unknown whether or not Vega will have a reference model only launch or if they will also be releasing AIB-made non-reference variants at the same time.