AMD RX 480 benchmark scores appear on 3DMARK database

AMD RX 480 benchmark scores have spotted on 3DMARK database, showcasing performance that is similar to a GTX 980 and well above the PC performance requirements for VR. The benchmark number from 3DMARK 11’s performance test, where the RX 480 GPU a score of P14461 with an Intel i7 4770 CPU.

RX 480 3dmark11

RX 480 3dmark11 GPU score

Although 3DMARK cannot detect the name of the card, so it is not confirmed to be an AMD RX 480, but the specifications do match with previously leaked clock speeds of the GPU and have 8GB of VRAM, which is one of the available memory sizes of the RX 480.

RX 480 3dmark11 GPU

Sadly, the scores on this benchmark can vary widely depending on your CPU, which means that these scores are only directly comparable to other systems using an Intel i7 4770 CPU.

RX 480 2

The AMD RX 480 GPU will come with 4GB or 8GB VRAM, which should be good enough for the next few years. RX 480 also supports AMDs FreeSync and full DisplayPort 1.3/1.4 compatibility.

RX 480 3

According to AMD the RX 480 packs around 5.5 TFLOPS performance, making this GPU perfect for budget VR gaming or killer 1080p gaming. With new 14nm processing and optimisation made by AMD’s new Polaris Architecture, making this GPU 2.8x more efficient than the previous generation AMD GPUs.

For the price of $200 (14000 INR) the RX 480 packs a lot of performance for your money compared to last generation cards.