AMD RX 480 Gaming Benchmarks Leaked with full Specification

AMD RX 480 still 2-days way from launch, but gaming benchmarks and full specification has been leaked, with a hands-on preview of the card. The leaked benchmarks include GTA 5, The Witcher 3, DOOM, Overwatch & CS: GO. Give us a full idea what to expect for the RX 480.

Hands-On Preview

As of now we only know few details but now the RX 480 full specs that have been confirmed bay a GPU-Z screenshot. 1} we can see the name of GPU, 2} it is an Ellesmere GPU, 3} 14nm architecture, 4} 2304 Unified Shaders (which was unknown until now), 5} Memory type is GDDR5, 6} the Bus Width, is 256bit total 256.0 GB/s bandwidth with 7} 8GB in size (Also available in 4GB), 8} the Core Clocked at 1266MHz and 9} memory clocked at 2000MHz.


The other noticeable specs are 32 ROPs with 144 TMUs (Texture Mapping Units). Also, the Pixel Filtrate rate of 4.5 GPixel/s and Texture Filtrate rate 182.3GTexel/s. The RX 480 has full DirectX 12 support with DirectCompute 5.0 and OpenCL support.


RX 480 Gaming Performance

As for gaming benchmarks, you can see the gameplay and fps down in the videos. On the videos, we can see that RX 480 indeed delivered performance that’s very close to the R9 Fury and GTX 980. All the games are run at 1920x1080p and mostly in Ultra Preset. Where RX 480 deliver 80-100fps which indicate that RX 480 can run almost every game at above 60+ FPS.  Check the videos down below: