AMD RX 490 listed online with alleged benchmarks

AMD’s RX 490 has been listed online alongside alleged benchmarks for AMD’s Pro 490 GPU, which is a lower power professional version of the GPU.


We already saw quite a few leaks and teasers of RX 490, which will be targeted for 4K resolution and come with a memory bus that is larger than 256-bit, but no further information is currently available. We still don’t know that what GPU will be used in RX 490, a new Vega GPU or two GPUs from RX 480.


AMD will host an event called New Horizon on December 13th at 9 pm GMT, though it is unlikely that this event will double up as a launch event for the RX 490.


WCCFtech has leaked some alleged benchmarks for an AMD Pro 490, but we cannot verify the legitimacy of this benchmarks. The AMD 490 Pro will be the lower clocked professional version of the RX 490. So AMD’s Pro 490 is shown to offer more performance than NVIDIA’s GTX 1070 than RX490 should perform somewhat equal to GTX 1080 cards. Though we are not sure still AMD can deliver that kind of performance than they can take back some GPU market share which it lost to NVIDIA in higher-end market.