AMD Ryzen 3DMARK Physic score vs Intel CPUs

AMD Ryzen 3DMARK Physics scores have leaked, showcasing performance that very competitive with Intel’s current CPU line-up.

These scores were achieved using AMD engineering samples, so clock speeds and other parameters are not final. So this scores should not be considered as representative of the performance of retail CPUs. Still, this scores gives us an idea what to expect from the final version. Below is the list of tested Ryzen CPU engineering samples.

  • AMD Ryzen: ZD3406BAM88F4_38/34_Y — Eight-Core CPU
  • AMD Ryzen: ZD3301BBM6IF4_37/33_Y — Six-Core CPU
  • AMD Ryzen: ZD3201BBM4KF4_34/32_Y — Quad-Core CPU
Physics test
3DMark Fire Strike Physics test benchmarks the hardware’s ability to run gameplay physics simulations on the CPU. The GPU load is kept as low as possible to ensure that only the CPU is stressed. The Bullet Open Source Physics Library is used as the physics library for the test.
The test has 32 simulated worlds. One thread per available CPU core is used to run simulations. All physics are computed on CPU with soft body vertex data updated to GPU each frame.