AMD Ryzen 5 Series leaked starting from $249 and sale on April 11th

Guru3D accidentally posted some details about AMD’s exciting Ryzen 5 desktop processor lineup. With revealing the pricing, which started from $249 for R5 1600X that’s a 6-core 12 thread chip. The Ryzen 5 series will come in two 6-core, and two 4-core SKUs, all four CPU will feature SMT (simultaneous multi-threading) and unlocked base-clock multipliers. The Ryzen 5-1600X, Ryzen 5-1600, Ryzen 5-1500X, and Ryzen 5-1400 will be available in stores from April 11, 2017. With Ryzen 5 lower price point make budget uses very happy as they can get a higher core unlock CPU with less money and the Ryzen 5 1500X and 1400 with its 4 cores 8 threads costing just $189 and $169 which could wreck Intel’s dual-core Core i3 lineup even some lower end i5 lineup.