AMD Ryzen 7-1800X Overclocked to 5.20 GHz with LN2 and All Eight Cores Enabled

AMD’s Ryzen series processors promise to return to high CPU market, and enthusiast/ overclockers are very excited to take their hands on their Ryzen chip. Now reportedly, a Ryzen 7-1800X sample has achieved 5.20 GHz with liquid nitrogen cooling, and more importantly, not having to disable any cores to stabilize the OC. The 5201.07 MHz overclock, obtained by cranking the base clock up to 137.78 MHz, and the multiplier up to 37.75X, backed by a core voltage of 1.875V, was even tested to be bench-stable, scoring 2,363 points in Cinebench R15. This also reveals that you should be able to finally crank up the base-clock multiplier in steps of 0.25X, (as opposed to 0.5X). The Ryzen 7-1800X will be available on the 2nd of March, 2017, priced at $499.