All AMD Ryzen CPUs will be unlocked and all X300 series chipsets overclocking capable

At CES 2017, AMD has announced that their entire Ryzen CPU lineup will feature an unlocked multiplier, making them all overclockable.

In addition to this AMD also announced their X370, B350 and X300 series chipsets all supports overclocking capabilities. Which means users can purchase any Ryzen CPU and combine it with a midrange motherboard and get good overclocking performance. Even a lower-end motherboard and a Quad-core Ryzen CPU or AMD’s flagship Ryzen 8-core model with an enthusiast-grade motherboard all can be overclockable.

AMD also stated that they will be releasing a range of Ryzen CPUs at launch, with various core-counts can clock and stock speeds. This will be huge contrast for Intel who typically locks overclocking behind expensive K-series SKUs and Z/X-series motherboard chipsets, making overclocking much pricier.