AMD Ryzen “Spire” and “Wraith max” stock coolers will be good enough

We previously reported that Ryzen CPUs would come with new Wraith coolers, now we have a new leaked that have more details on AMD’s new “Wraith Max” and Ryzen “Spire” stock coolers, which promise to give AMD’s Ryzen CPUs an enhanced “stock cooling” experience.

AMD’s new “Wraith Max” cooler will support a max thermal design of 140W, which will allow the cooler to handle AMD’s 95W Ryzen flagship with relative ease and without the fans spinning at full speeds under load. This new cooler is based on AMD’s original Wraith cooler design, but with more refined design and possibly better fan.

The Wraith Max will ship with AMD’s Ryzen 7 1800X and 1700X CPUs, with lower-end models will come with AMD’s new Ryzen “Spire” CPU cooler design, which looks very similar to Intel’s stock cooler. Though the Spire cooler is listed with a TDP of 95W, making it suitable for all of AMD’s Ryzen lineup.

Even though most PC enthusiasts will continue to use aftermarket cooling solutions, but it is great to see that AMD is giving users a decent cooler to start with. Also now non-overclocker users can use the stock cooler with spending any extra money on CPU coolers.