AMD Ryzen Threadripper Detailed – Full list of Threadripper CPU Models

AMD has talked more about its Ryzen Threadripper, its upcoming line of HEDT (high-end desktop) processors on its press conference at Computex. This was a direct response to Intel’s recently launched Core i7 and Core i9 X-series processors. The new AMD Ryzen Threadripper will have some features advantage over its Intel counterparts, let’s talk about them.

The first of, all Threadripper CPUs features 64 PCI-Express gen 3.0 lanes. Unlike Intel, where you get only 44 (not 64) PCIe lanes from CPUs that start with the $999 Core i9-7900X ten-core processor. Lower models of Intel new X series are limited to 28 lanes, removing the biggest advantage of the HEDT platform – to be able to run more than one graphics card at full x16 PCIe bandwidth. The second killer features of Threadripper CPUs are its memory controller. AMD announced that Quad-channel DDR4 memory will be available across all Threadripper lineup. This again is unlike Intel, where the Core i5-7640X and Core i7-7740X quad-core LGA2066 chips feature just dual-channel memory. All Threadripper chips further feature 16 MB of shared L3 cache. ASUS, ASRock, GIGABYTE, and MSI have already showcased theirs under developing Ryzen Threadripper motherboards based on the X399 chipset at Computex 2017.

AMD Ryzen Threadripper Desktop CPU

Processor Name Frequency (GHz) Cache C/T Turbo (GHz) XFR (GHz) TDP Price
1998X 3.50 TBC 16/32 3.90 TBC 155 W TBC
1998 3.20 TBC 16/32 3.60 TBC 155 W TBC
1977X 3.50 TBC 14/28 4.00 TBC 155 W TBC
1977 3.20 TBC 14/28 3.70 TBC 140 W TBC
1976X 3.60 TBC 12/24 4.10 TBC 125 W TBC
1956X 3.20 TBC 12/24 3.80 TBC 125 W TBC
1956 3.00 TBC 12/24 3.70 TBC 125 W TBC
1955X 3.60 TBC 10/20 4.00 TBC 125 W TBC
1955 3.10 TBC 10/20 3.70 TBC 125 W TBC