AMD showing demo of their upcoming HDR Technology at CES

We all know AMD upcoming GPUs will support High Dynamic Range (HDR), allowing AMD Radeon GPUs to support 32-bit colour, which is higher than 10-bit colours of standard GPUs. AMD showcased a demo of HDR in CES 2016.

The colour difference is pretty significant, the demo also showcase the black and white difference, in the stars and space.


AMD HDR amd hdr-1

Those who not familiar with colour-bit, the 32-bit colour has full 16.7 million colour full RBG and the 10-bit support 1.07 million colour sRGB standard.


With this new HDR Technology AMD claims that a 1080p HDR content will look better than standard dynamic range (SDR) 4K content.

AMD and the Radeon Technologies Group are dedicated to delivering gamers and cinema enthusiasts a better picture through HDR Graphics. See the difference between Standard Dynamic Range and High Dynamic Range in this real-time demo.  


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