AMD Socket AM4 “Bristol Ridge” APU IHS Removed (De-lidded)

An overclocker named Nam Dae Won has de-lidded an AMD AM4 “Bristol Ridge” APU, giving us first look at AMD’s new AM4 CPUs. Those who don’t know what “Delidded” is, it’s a process of removing the IHS (integrated heat spreader) the metal cover that you see on the top side of the CPU.amd-socket-am4-bristol-ridge-apu-de-lidded-1

amd-socket-am4-bristol-ridge-apu-de-lidded-4 amd-socket-am4-bristol-ridge-apu-de-lidded-5


From this pictures, we can see AMD is using high-quality TIM between the die and the IHS, which could either be solder or liquid metal. There’s also a clear picture of the underside pin-grid of the AM4 chip, which has a central cutout that lacks any SMT components. Socket AM4 has 1,331 pins. We are expecting AMD to launch its first Zen CPUs on January 17th.

amd-socket-am4-bristol-ridge-apu-de-lidded-2 amd-socket-am4-bristol-ridge-apu-de-lidded-7
amd-socket-am4-bristol-ridge-apu-de-lidded-3 amd-socket-am4-bristol-ridge-apu-de-lidded-6