AMD Threadripper 1950X 16-core spotted on Geekbench database

As we are getting closer to AMD’s Threadripper launch, more leak benchmark results are surfacing, the latest one on Geekbench database, showing the flagship 1950X preliminary scores.

In the Geekbench, we can see the Threadripper 1950X @ 3.40 GHz gave Single-Core Score of 4074 and Multi-Core Score of 26768. Sadly, these scores are low in comparison to the 10-core i9-7900X, in both single threaded and multi-threaded figures. Though, the 1950X ships with significantly lower clocks compared to the i9-7900X’s clocks. Still, this is preliminary results, and we don’t know what will be final performance would be, also there more optimizations and overclocking potential to improve the performance further. However, we have to take the price to consider as if AMD Threadripper is priced very aggressively like Ryzen it may be a better choice than Core i9 CPUs as it will offer much better value, hope AMD decided to priced Threadripper competitively.