AMD to unveil FreeSync 2 at CES 2017

AMD promised that they would evolve FreeSync Standard over time, now the company is ready with their new FreeSync 2 which support Low Framerate Compensation and now to support low latency HDR.

Since AMD launched FreeSync many display manufacturer has adapted the technology and released many gaming monitors with variable refresh rates and tear-free gaming; now AMD seeks to give gamers more.

HDR is going to be next big thing in display technology, but consider HDR gaming most people forget that displays need to take additional time to display wide color range content, which isn’t a huge issue when viewing movies and non-interactive content, but can present huge problems when gaming.

AMD has addressed this issue with FreeSync 2, which aims to remove the display tone mapping latency from the HDR rendering loop, giving gamers a lower latency gaming experience. On FreeSync 2 AMD will also make moving from standard desktop to HDR content easy, which means that HDR on PC will be controlled by PC drivers and not by Windows. We should see more on FreeSync 2 technology on CES 2017.