AMD unveiled Radeon RX Vega

AMD has been on a roll recently releasing new hardware, but nothing has been as eagerly anticipated as RX Vega- their upcoming Radeon GPU flagship for gamers and PC enthusiasts. Today AMD has finally unveiled their Radeon RX Vega featuring a brushed silver finish aluminum cooler shroud similar to the Radeon Vega Frontier Edition. The Radeon logo and other LED illumination are in red to go with the Radeon color scheme.

Under the shroud is a copper heatsink and hot air blow out from the back. The reference RX Vega comes with three full-size DisplayPort and one full-size HDMI connectors all in the same row allowing air flow exit holes above and making this a potential one-slot card if paired with a single-slot cooling solution such as a water block on an AIO or as part of a custom watercooling loop. Powering the card are two 8-pin PCIe power connectors which add credence to the previous rumors about a 300+ W TDP on the card.

At the back, above the power connectors is the GPU TACH, which is a “tachometer” style indicator LEDs providing a visual estimate of the GPU activity. There is also a metal backplate with the same color finish as the shroud, and this extends the length of the card with cutouts around and over the core to allow air to escape. The card also features a dual BIOS switch on the side of the PCB which is very handy when overclocking, and indicates that perhaps we will see a silent and overclocking mode on the card. AMD has always been impressive with their reference PCB design and this appears to be no exception.

There also a liquid cooled version of the card, the RX Vega Watercooled Edition, which sports a similar shroud as the Limited Edition except with an AIO cooling solution instead. Two sleeved coolant tubes exit the top of the shroud and end in a single 120 mm radiator and fan similar to the Radeon Vega Frontier Edition Liquid-Cooled card. If things have carried over further, we expect to see a Cooler Master full cover water block with pump and reservoir on the PCB and a high-speed Nidec-Serve Gentle Typhoon-inspired Cooler Master fan on the radiator. The cooler appears to be the only differentiating factor among both cards. The specification and other details will be revealed in coming days.

AMD also shear some pictures of the GPU inside an Alienware system that houses the upcoming Threadripper HEDT platform from AMD, with what appears to be an Asetek CLC on a custom TR4 socket mounting bracket.

Lastly, and perhaps most interestingly, is pictured what is being referred to by AMD themselves as a “Radeon Holocube” which has Radeon Vega printed on it and also has a mention of it being “enabled by Radeon Software”. It appears to be a display with a screen at least on one side, so perhaps it connects to a system and acts like a GPU status monitor? Stay tuned for more information as they were available we will keep you updated.