AMD VEGA with RYZEN CPU running Star Wars Battlefront at 4K Ultra 60FPS at CES 2017

We are still waiting for AMD’s VEGA unveil on 5th January, but in the meantime at CES a demo showcasing Star Wars Battlefront running at 4K resolutions with Ultra setting which is powered by a VEGA GPU combine with an 8 core 16 thread RYZEN CPU clocked at 3.4 GHz. As we can see the game is running a stable 60FPS with V-Sync on, sadly because of V-Sync we cannot see how much FPS this VEGA GPU can achieve, still it also tells us that this VEGA GPU full capable running the game 60+ FPS without any drop. Because with V-Sync if the game even drops 1-2 FPS like 59FPS it should drop to 30FPS as V-Sync working. But in the Demo, the game didn’t drop any FPS. Which is very existing.