AMD’s Bristol Ridge A12-9800 APU has achieved 4.8GHz overclock with stock cooler

A Korean overclocker, Namegt, has achieved 4.8GHz on AMD’s new A12-9800 APU using AMD’s Wraith Air cooler with a voltage of 1.325V. This indicates a huge improvement on the overclock ability of Bristol Ridge APUs over older Kaveri APUs, which require much larger cooling solutions and higher voltage in order to achieve the same clock speeds.


Means that users can get almost 1GHz overclock using stock cooler on A12-9800 over its base clock speed of 3.8GHz. The CPU has a boost clock speeds of 4.2GHz, which is not bad either.


Sadly, no performance data available with this overclock, so we cannot comment on this. Although it’s clear that AMD’s low power design for these APUs helped the temp down and achieved more clock speed.


The motherboard which is used for this overclock is an ASUS AM4 motherboard known only as “Octopus”, and has a CPU cooler mounting solution that looks very similar to AMD’s older AM3+ mount.

Currently, these Bristol Ridge APUs are only available to OEMs and seated few, and the retail availability is later this year.