AMD’s Bristol Ridge APU should be faster than an Xbox One

AMD’s new APUs from the Bristol Ridge family shall be just as fast as the Xbox one, according to a fresh rumor from Bitsnchips.

AMD's Bristol Ridge APU

AMD’s brand-new Bristol Ridge family members will include a powerful APU that’ll be quite powerful, dealing with the consoles in featuring a 1080p gaming knowledge easily, in a tiny price and package. AMD is likely to launch its new Bristol Ridge family at Computex, in June so we have to expect more details.


According to the rumor, the flagship Bristol Ridge-founded APU would feature 16 compute products that derive from the GCN 3.0 architecture. The 16 compute systems would contain 1024 stream processors, which may be the same SP count as AMD’s Radeon HD 7850. The HD 7850 introduced in 2012, and was an excellent budget/mid-array GPU – if this performance sometimes appears by us within an APU, things could easily get very fascinating for AMD. This specific APU will be made on the 28nm process, and will be considerably more powerful compared to the current Kaveri- and Godavari-based APUs currently available. Another true point is certainly that Bristol Ridge will slot in to the exciting new AM4 system, that will support dual-channel DDR4 – giving 50GB/sec of bandwidth – nowhere near to the 153.6GB/sec that the Radeon HD 7850 is wearing offer, thus if the rumor holds true – AMD could have achieved a complete whole lot with the Bristol Ridge APU.