AMD’s Bristol Ridge spotted on Geekbenches database, with better score than i5-6200U?

AMD’s next generation Zen is still long ways off to being on desktops or mobile products, but mobile products based off of their 28nm Excavator core codenamed Bristol Ridge, has been spotted in Geekbenches database. The Geekbenches results suggest a slight improvement in performance, given us information about CPU frequencies.

AMD's Bristol Ridge

The AMD FX 9800P installed in a Lenovo device. The chip rumored to have 4 cores based on 28nm Excavator with 8 GCN 1.2 compute units attached, running at a nominal 2.7GHz. But, Geekbenches database record shows, it running at 1.85GHz and has a multi-core score of 5596, which is on-par with an Intel i5-6200U running at 2.4GHz. That’s not too bad if the reported clock frequencies are correct. Geekbenches database also has scores for the A10-9600P and the A12-9700P in what could be upcoming Lenovo laptops or test systems.

AMD's Bristol Ridge