AMD’s Next-Gen GPU Will Offer Double The Performance Per Watt Of Fury Lineup

We know only few things about AMD’s next-generation GPU, apart from it’ll feature HBM2 with over 1TB/sec of memory bandwidth, and some big performance update from Fury X.


 AMD’s CEO, Lisa Su, says: “We are also focused on delivering our next generation GPUs in 2016 which is going to improve performance per watt by two times compared to our current offerings, based on design and architectural enhancements as well as advanced FinFET products process technology”.


Now, this means about a 100% jump, we can expect 4K 60FPS in every game which is available right now, It’ll also be the perfect GPU for VR headsets, as its need 90FPS minimum to get the best experience on the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive headsets. NVIDIA also preparing its GPU, with its next-gen Pascal card with HBM2 and 17 billion transistors.

AMD's Next-Gen GPU Will Offer Double The Performance Per Watt Of Fury Lineup

TSMC’s 16FF+ (FinFET Plus) technology can provide above 65 percent higher speed, around 2 times the density, or 70 percent less power than its 28HPM technology. Comparing with 20SoC technology, 16FF+ provides extra 40% higher speed and 60% power saving. By leveraging the experience of 20SoC technology, TSMC 16FF+ shares the same metal backend process in order to quickly improve yield and demonstrate process maturity for time-to-market value.


AMD’s next GPU codename of the Arctic Islands are a “Greenland” GPU and packs around 18 billion transistors with 8192 stream processors on the 16nm process. If you compare it to the current Fiji GPU with its 8.9 billion transistors and 4096 stream processors, it will be close to 100% jump. And we can see performance jump, if not 100% at least somewhere between 50-80% over the Fury X.