AMD’s Polaris GPU should feature a 232mm² sized die

According to AnarchX on the Beyond3D forums, a senior engineer at AMD has posted about a project he’s working on – which just so happens to be the Polaris GPU from AMD.
AMD's Polaris

From engineer’s notes, the die size of Polaris will feature a 232mm² die size thanks to its 14nm process. Which is half if we compare it to a 28nm part, it would be a 464mm² die – at the same TDP levels.

AMD’s target to increase performance but keep the power numbers low, as RTG boss Raja Koduri says on twitter “Polaris is 2.5 times brighter today than when Ptolemy observed it in 169 A.D”. If Koduri was talking about 2.5x performance, then we’re looking at the 232mm² GPU being compared against a 28nm 580mm² – with the same power levels – which would be insane. But all of this just speculation until we can see the actual result.