AMD’s RX 460 BIOS Unlocks 8 TMUs, 128 Stream Processors’s der8auer has recently posted a story regarding the recently discovered ability to unlock AMD’s RX 460’s shaders from stock 896 shaders / 56 TMUs to a grand total of 1024 stream processors and 64 TMUs. Techpowerup has tested this and confirmed it working.

The process is straightforward enough. First, make sure to grab TechPowerUp’s own GPU-Z, and save a copy of your original BIOS by clicking the arrow next to the “BIOS Version” field, so you have a fallback in case things go wrong. Then, follow the source link towards’s RX 460 tested BIOSes (currently only for the ASUS STRIX O4G and the Sapphire Nitro 4G), and download the appropriate one. Then run “flash unlocked bios.bat” to flash the BIOS, and in about 15 seconds, the process should be complete, granting you about 10% of extra performance. In our own testing, using the power testing setup we use in graphics cards reviews, we saw a 4 W increase in peak power consumption.

So far this unlock only tested on 4 GB versions of the RX 460, but considering the only difference stands in the memory amount, no reason this not work with higher memory models. Due to AMD’s newfound interest in verifying modded BIOSes (on Polaris architecture cards) on their latest ReLive driver release, it is hard to say whether or not this might pose a problem for your driver installations in the future. Though for the time being, AMD’s Crimson ReLive working with just a failed hash check leaving us only with the default display driver being loaded. This went away with AMD’s previous 16.11.5 driver suite, so take care if you have the Crimson ReLive driver software suite installed on your system.