AMD’s Ryzen CPU Overclocked to 5GHz On Air

CANARD PC HARDWARE, a French hardware magazine has apparently confirmed that AMD’s upcoming Ryzen chips will be able to achieve overclocks of at least 5 GHz on air. On their magazine hidden easter egg message on the magazine’s Ryzen feature. On page 10 of the digital magazine (you can check the link) as well as the physical version, a cryptic string of binary code can be found on top of the page (for reference, the string is as follows: 010110100110010101101110010011110100001101000000010000010110100101110010001111010011010101000111). When you paste this string of binary code on any online binary to plain text converter, you get a revelation that’s sure to put a little more coal on the hype train’s furnace: ZenOC@Air=5G.

This article is based on an early engineering sample that the magazine managed to put its hands on – so we’re not even talking about final-stepping silicon. Though this Easter egg tease raises more questions than it answers, like what voltage was the 5 GHz achieved at? How many cores did the Ryzen sample have? Were they all operational? Was it a stable overclock? If so, for how long? What cooling solution was used? So we are not sure how much we should aspect from this info.

There are potentially many more questions left unanswered by this tease, but nevertheless, this seems like a good sign for the Ryzen bandwagon.