AMD’s Threadripper X399 platform will not support NVMe RAID at launch

AMD’s new X399 platform promised to offer excellent connectivity with 64 PCIe lanes (4 are dedicated to the chipset), allowing its motherboards to have more PCIe devices than Intel’s similarly priced X299 Skylake-X hardware.

Though these extra PCIe lanes will be useful for those who use multiple GPUs or NVMe SSDs, but recent reports suggested that AMD’s TR4 platform does lack an essential feature, NVMe RAID.

In a recent report from Tom’s Hardware, that hardware NVMe SSD RAID is not supported on X399, though AMD is working on a solution to this problem. As of now there is no release timeframe for an NVMe RAID update, so it is safe to say that this feature will not be available at launch.

With modern NVMe SSDs, especially on faster models, NVMe RAID is almost unnecessary, with dual Samsung 960 Pro SSDs achieving speeds that are more than 5,000MB/s.  With a single Samsung 960 Pro already reaching 3500MB/s reads, the question is modern PC builders really need the performance benefit of RAID anymore?

Though as a high-end enthusiast platform, the lacking of NVMe RAID capabilities at launch, certainly is an issue as some users will use it depending on their own storage requirements.