AMD’s Vega 10 Demo GPU caught on camera at CES 2017

Linus from LinusTechTips has been given the opportunity to have a look at AMD’s Vega 10 Pre-production GPU, confirming that the GPU is using HBM and that AMD’s CES Demo was running on a standard air-based GPU cooler and it’s small like Fury X card.

At the video, you can see that the back of the GPU has no traces of any memory chips, so it is confirming that this GPU is HBM based. Sadly, AMD has covered the power portion of the GPU in tape to hide the GPUs power draw, though AMD’s Raja Koduri does clear that this demo GPU is a pre-production engineering sample and it is not a representative of the final product.

We can also get some idea of cooling performance from this demo Vega GPU which just uses a standard dual-slot air cooler, which indicates this GPU does not run as hot as some of AMD’s older GPUs. Also, this means this pre-production sample may be running at lower clock speeds for the purposes of this demo.

Back of this demo Vega GPU has an additional USB connection, but this will not be present in AMD’s final retail Vega GPUs. This USB port is there for power analysis unit which allows AMD to conduct additional tests and research using this initial Vega GPU sample. So far AMD only says the Vega will release in Q1 2017.