AMD’s Zen Rumored to be launch on January 17th with 8 Cores with 16 Threads Zen CPU for $300

We are getting closer to AMD’s Zen launch, and with more information is coming out about new Zen CPUs. Now latest information coming from MAXSUN, an AMD China partner leaked Zen’s initial release date which pegged for January 17th, if the info is correct, would probably mean a product announcement around CES 2017 (scheduled from the 5th of January through the 8th). Interestingly that is the same time as Intel is expected to unveil their Kaby Lake parts.


They also report a second release window at March 2017, which lends further credence to AMD’s expected staggered launch of Zen-based processors, first for the High-Performance-Desktop (HEDT) market, and stepping down from there.


amd-zen-2MAXSUN also reveal pricing of the new high-end Zen CPU which expected to be priced at around 1500-2000 Yuan SKU ($250-$300). Which will pack 8 core, 16 thread, no info on clock speeds (AMD demonstrated with its render test on-stage, though clock-speeds for the Intel processor were normalized at Zen’s 3.0 GHz engineering sample). So it may come in somewhere in 3GHz mark and boost of 3.5GHz, although this new Zen chips should overclock more than that and reportedly overclocking easily to 4.2GHz. All in all, rumors aside, it is definitely an exciting time for PC enthusiast as after a long time AMD coming out with something.