Antec Announces Availability of Mercury Series AIO Liquid CPU Coolers

In the year of their 31st anniversary, Antec Inc., leading provider of high-performance computer components and accessories for the gaming, PC upgrade and Do-It-Yourself market, are launching a new series of All-in-One Liquid CPU Cooling, the Mercury series. The Antec Mercury coolers are commercially available now for 69 Euros (Mercury 120), 99 Euros (Mercury 240) and 125 Euros (Mercury 360).
The new Antec Mercury CPU Cooler Series is engineered to keep the CPU cool for up to 50,000 hours. Manufactured with high-quality components, the products are proven to last at least five years – a benchmark of quality that surpasses the standard also backed by the Antec five-year warranty period. The Mercury models are equipped with non-lubricated graphite bearings and a durable ceramics axis in a carbon-metal construction. The radiator features an arrangement of high-density 16 FPI (fins per inch) to achieve a cooling performance perfectly suitable for any enthusiast’s needs. Ideally spaced at 2.8 mm, the fins allow for cool air to pass through efficiently.

All Mercury models are built around a new sealed and silent pump, which consists of a three-phase motor promoting a rapid liquid circulation, helping the CPU to keep cool while it is being pushed to its limits. The pump features a high coolant pressure (2.3m water pressure; flow rate of 3.5 l / minute) & lower-fan noise. The Mercury is easily set up via plugging into a 3-Pin motherboard connector and SATA power (through an included adapter cable).

The pump-block also features three LEDs, which indicate coolant temperature. Blue indicates <48°C, green indicates 49-60°C, and red indicates >60°C.