Antec’s Two Upcoming Closed Loop Liquid Coolers

Corsair has long been a dominator in closed loop liquid cooler market, for there design, reliability and performance. But Antec bringing two new model of closed loop liquid cooler to fight back. Both of the cooler has new design and features.

The Antec H600 packs a 120mm radiator with 120mm LED fan with speed range between 600-2400RPM.

Antec H600

The second one is Antec H1200 packs a 240mm radiator with same dual LED fans.

Antec H1200

Antec H1200 specification:

“High-Performance Pump with LED Status Indicator. The integrated Status LED lights up during operation

7-Blade PWM 12cm Fans with Blue LEDs, Rifle Bearing keeps it whisper-quiet, while filling your rig with blue light.

High-Performance 240mm Radiator. A complex structure of 0.28 mm thick heat fins with 1.3 mm empty space in between each of them maximize the heat dissipation

Maximum Heat Fin Surface Area: 20 mm deep heat fin array increases the surface area for a maximum heat dissipation

High-Quality FEP Tubes: With minimal moisture absorption and high thermal & kinetic tolerances for a prolonged life

Block and Pump Array:

– High-density array of only 0.15 mm thin Micro Heat Channels with 0.2 mm space in between them

– For whisper-quiet operation with an incredible lifetime

– For maximum pump speed and cooling cycle

– Heavy-Duty Graphite bearing for a long and whisper-quiet life time


– Noise Level Range of Fan: 16~35dBA

– Fan Speed: 600-2400RPM

– Radiator Dimensions: 271mm x 120mmx 25mm

– Fan Size: 120mm x 120mm x 25mm

– Tube Length: 315mm”

Antec H1200

Both the cooler comes from OEM Asetek so reliable and performance should very good. According to source Antec going for a very competitive pricing, the Antec H600 for price of $60 (4000 INR) and Antec H1200 price of $90 (6000 INR). Both of which lower than competition and can be great choice if Antec indeed launch them at that price point.