AOC Releases FreeSync Monitors

AOC have release two new 1080p FreeSync monitors, both will have a 144Hz refresh rate TN panel and a response time of 1ms. If you don’t know what FreeSync is Adaptive Framerate standard which allows a PC to synchronize your monitor’s refresh rate with your GPU’s output framerate, eliminating any visual shutter from games. AOC’s two latest monitors are the G2460PF and the G2770PF, which are 24″, 27″  with display’s Display port 1.2a connection, it will also have and HDMI and a dua-link DVI and VGA inputs, allowing other devices to be used on it and have prices of $350 and $450.

xG2770PF_800x600a xG2770PF_800x600b

Now FreeSync monitors coming to lower price and standard 1080p so average gamers can afford it.